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Humble & Kind is unwavering in our commitment to serve and uplift our community, guided by a deep dedication to make a positive impact. Our approach centers around building genuine relationships with families and individuals, allowing us to provide support precisely where it is needed most. From assisting with job applications and providing vital resources like food and clothing, to offering specialized care for teen moms, facilitating language learning, and creating a safe haven, our heartfelt commitment to humbly serve and compassionately care drives our actions. Embracing God's call, we strive to bring forth kindness, support, and upliftment to those in need, empowering individuals and families to thrive wherever our path leads us.

flat lay view of nonperishable foods


Meals of Hope bags are thoughtfully designed to provide shelf-stable meals for food-insecure families within our local community. These conveniently packaged meals offer a simple solution, as they only require boiling water and a single pot for preparation. Remarkably, the cost to nourish one person with a wholesome dinner is a mere $0.32! In our commitment to accessibility, we have partnered with local schools, ensuring that these nourishing meals are readily available to families in need.


Our First Years Services are thoughtfully designed to offer essential support to new parents, enabling them to prioritize the most important task at hand: caring for their precious baby. To achieve this, we have developed two distinct programs: Newborn Booster Bags and the Dignity Days. These programs aim to provide tangible assistance and alleviate the challenges faced by new parents during this critical phase of their journey.

First Years
Dressed in dignity


Humble & Kind works diligently to ensure that every client receives the vital support they need to clothe their children with dignity. Through regular monthly appointments, we provide clothing for children and hygiene items, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. By offering these essential resources, we empower our clients to present themselves with confidence, pride, and a sense of dignity in their everyday lives.

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