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Humble & Kind, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, exists to promote the dignity and health of growing families by providing short-term assistance with daily essentials.

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At Humble & Kind, we have witnessed the incredible power of our programs in fostering positive change and promoting community growth in South Omaha. Our journey began when a change in leadership at Omaha South High School propelled, founder, Hannah Holguin to heed God's call and establish a non-profit organization. With this transition, we embark on a new chapter, equipped with increased freedom and fresh challenges.

Operating independently from a specific school setting empowers us to extend our support to anyone who seeks our assistance during their challenges and trials. We remain committed to serving families and individuals wherever they may be. However, it necessitates us to be innovative and creative in how we connect with families in need, forging meaningful relationships even outside the school environment.

Our strategy revolves around building authentic connections with families and individuals, offering support precisely where it is most needed. From guiding individuals through job applications to providing essential aid in areas such as food, clothing, teen mom care, language learning, and creating safe spaces, our mission is deeply rooted in responding to God's call. We humbly serve and kindly care, guided by our unwavering commitment to make a positive impact in the lives of those we encounter on our path.

As we continue to navigate this journey, we remain steadfast in our dedication to embrace God's call, allowing it to lead us to those who require our support. Humble & Kind strives to serve with compassion, spreading kindness and providing assistance wherever we are guided.


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I am thrilled to present our operations team to you. Each board member brings a wealth of passion and a strong community vision.


Hannah Holguin

Executive Director


Shelby Buckley

Volunteer Coordinator


Amanda Kuehmichel

Inventory Specialist


Dianne Lee

Donor Relations


Amy Hawks

Executive Assistant

Kat Hope Jones

Kat Hope Jones

Website Developer


It is with great delight to introduce you to our elite, passionate board of directors. Each board members comes with a wealth of heart and community vision.


Casey Ogle

Board Chair


Kristen Villareal

Board Secretary


Kritika Khurana

Vice Chair

Krista McDonald.JPG

Krista McDonald

Board Member


Phyllis Thompson

Board Treasurer


Jenn Simmonds

Board Member

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